Intelligent Mobile Outlet Store

Turn your excess inventory into an effective marketing and advertizing campaign, attract new users, and build new connections.

Market Your Products With The Long Term Vision In Mind

From the beginning, we have always aimed to be a fast growing, fast moving, industry changing service for brands everywhere. Our story began when we realized there was tremendous value in excess and returned inventory. At the same time, we realized that there was a way to protect your brands value while still offering great prices to consumers looking for outlet style shopping experience online.

Protect Your Brand Value
We get it. Your excess inventory is still valuable. As a brand, you want to find the best way to liquidate your surplus at a fair price and make room for your new inventory. TrendBoard was born to give brands like yours exactly what you want. Now you have a way to utilize that excess inventory and make great returns while still promoting your brand to loyal customers.
Reach New Users
TrendBoard also allows you to collect powerful information on everyone that purchases your items from the TrendBoard app. That means your Shopify account will directly receive customer contact information like name, address and email.
Don't Settle For Low Prices
You don’t have to settle for the low prices that others offer for your excess inventory. Now you have the power to sell your excess at much higher prices.
Easy Onboarding

Onboarding with us will take you less time than it takes to make a sandwich. It’s that easy and doesn’t cost you anything. How would you like to access a new revenue stream without any additional costs or complicated learning curve? It sounds too good to be true, but we guarantee you it isn’t.

No Minimum Quantities

There is no minimum quantities. Broken sizes are fine too. You start getting sales as soon as adding items to TrendBaord.

Ready to sell on TrendBoard outlet?

At TrendBoard, we are consumed by protecting your value. We don’t want to compete with you. Our goal is to help you tap into markets where you are not currently present. By helping you leverage a new share of the marketplace, your overall revenue and brand image will rise. The TrendBoard team is waiting to onboard exciting new brands like you. Contact us today and take your online sales to the next level!
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